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About apps

AI Hub supports intelligent document processing using prebuilt or custom apps.

You can use prebuilt AI Hub apps to solve common use cases, such as verifying identity from driver’s licenses, extracting income information from paystubs, or translating documents into another language. Or, you can build custom apps with AI Hub Build to address your particular use case.

Enterprise customers can request advanced apps from their Solution Engineer to address complex use cases that aren’t natively supported in AI Hub.

Apps are available from the Hub.

Run apps on-demand, or for commercial and enterprise customers, create a deployment to configure your app to run at scale, with automation, integrations, and human review.

Community, commercial, and enterprise offerings

Build is available in three tiers:

  • Community — Suitable for general use. A Build community account lets you create a basic document understanding app and publish it for use.

  • Commercial — Suitable for small to medium businesses. A Build commercial account provides all the functionality of a community account, and additionally lets you collaborate on projects, perform advanced cleaning operations, validate results, and more.

  • Enterprise — Suitable for larger organizations that require document processing at scale. A Build enterprise account provides all the functionality of community and commercial accounts, and additionally lets you validate classification based on model confidence, specify human review service-level agreements, and request advanced apps.

For plan comparisons and pricing, see Instabase pricing.

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