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Managing organizations and workspaces

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From the settings page, admins can manage the organization and its workspaces, including controlling settings and creating shared workspaces.

Managing workspaces

Admins can create and manage shared workspaces. A shared workspace is a workspace that multiple members of an organization can access. While every organization member has a personal workspace, shared workspaces are ideal for sharing access to resources within a workspace and collaborating on projects. All members of a shared workspace can:

  • Access files stored on the workspace’s connected drives when running an app.

  • Initiate and view app runs and deployments within the workspace.

  • Open and edit any Build projects created in the workspace.

  • Move projects in the workspace to another workspace to which they have access.

Creating shared workspaces

To create a shared workspace:

  1. Do one of the following:

    • In the top nav bar, click the user initials icon, select Settings > Workspaces, then click Add workspace.

    • From Workspaces, click + Add workspace at the bottom of the workspaces list.

  2. In the Workspace name field, name the workspace. Workspace names can’t include spaces, but can include dashes and underscores, along with alphanumeric characters.

  3. Click Create

  4. Add members to the workspace:

    1. In the Managers field, enter the email of users to assign as workspace managers.

    2. In the Users field, enter the email of users to add as workspace members.

  5. Click Create.

Deleting workspaces

Deleting a shared workspace permanently deletes all projects and app runs tied to the workspace and any connected drives are disconnected. Members of the workspace lose access to all work created in the workspace.

To delete a workspace:

  1. In the top nav bar, click the user initials icon and select Settings.

  2. Select the Workspaces tab then select the workspace.

  3. Click the three-dot icon.

  4. Click Delete workspace.

  5. Click Delete.

Managing preview features

Admins can enable and disable preview features. All members of the organization can view or use enabled preview features. Stability and performance of preview features isn’t guaranteed. If you encounter issues when trying a preview feature, we welcome your feedback.

  1. In the top nav bar, click the user initials icon and select Settings.

  2. Select your organization in the side menu.

  3. Click the three-dot icon and select Manage preview features.

  4. Review the list of available features and select any features to enable.

  5. Click Update.

Any enabled preview features are marked with a Preview tag in the UI.

Managing users and user roles

See Managing users for how to add users and manage organization and workspace membership, including assigning organization-level and workspace-level user roles.

Managing organization and workspace storage

See Connecting drives for how to connect organization-level and workspace-level drives and assign default drives.

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