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Data privacy and security

Instabase AI Hub was designed with security, confidentiality, and compliance in mind to meet the requirements of highly regulated professionals and industries. We are committed to full transparency regarding your data and how it is used. This page summarizes our approach and provides insight into the security and controls we provide to our users. For more detail, see our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Your content is confidential

As a result of the controls we have implemented, our agreements with our large language model (LLM) providers ensure that they cannot retain your data. They won’t use your data to improve their models, and they don’t have the ability to look at your data. Any exceptions to this rule are clearly indicated to ensure you remain in full control over your content.

Your content is encrypted and secured

Your data is secured and encrypted in transit and at rest using industry best practices. For more information regarding our enterprise-grade security practices, see our security documentation.

You own your content

We don’t claim any ownership to your inputs to our services (data and prompts), and as long as you are complying with our Terms of Use, we assign you all our rights to the output of our services (responses to prompts).

You control your content

We use your content to provide our services, as well as to provide any support services requested by you. Your content may be used to improve the functionality of our services, as well as to enforce our policies and comply with applicable law. You can choose to delete your content at any time. Users of certain paid plans have the option of opting-out from the use of their content for the improvement of our services, as do individuals who have been granted a written exception (for example, licensed professionals in highly regulated industries). You may submit a written request for such an exception to

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